Al Reaaya Association is a charitable non-governmental association who's prime mission is taking care of the orphans’ families, handicapped, poor families and hardship cases. As well as relief, care and sustainable developmental activities.

  • Name: Samer
    Age: 7
    Hobbies: Football
    I am: Football Player 
  • Name: Jana
    Age: 15
    Hobbies: Photography
    I am: Teacher 

Future Projects

Towards an Interdependent Society

The pleasure of giving in the smile of a child and the prayer of a woman and a thank you of an old man, is only visible to those who have vowed to carry the flame of humanitarian and social duty, to light paths that have been darkened by poverty and need. We urge ourselves to aid the most vulnerable, in order to accomplish social and civil integration, and thus the general and versatile development of Saida and South Lebanon.